Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Timing is important

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven...there is a time there for every purpose and for every work (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 17b.)

Timing is critical in the issues of life. As we think of seasons, we often give our own predictions of when things can, will or should happen. However, only God knows the perfect timing for everything in life. There IS a time for every purpose and every work. And if we move on our own reasoning or feelings, we can miss God's best, because we are not moving in His divine order and purpose. His timing is always perfect and is a crucial element of walking in His plan for our lives.

While working in the garden a few weeks ago, I noticed that the sugar pea plants were dead, before producing peas. The weather man predicted that spring and early summer would be cool this year, so we went ahead and planted the sugar peas though it was late according to the recommended time for planting. The weather man was wrong and when 90-100 degree heat came early, the plants withered and dried up. Timing. It is important for life. We missed the best timing for the sugar peas.

Bearing good fruit involves timing. One of our peach trees was loaded with red peaches that looked ready to pick, but the peaches were still very hard. The ones we picked too soon were green and not very tasty. But, we waited too long to pick the last few and the birds and ants feasted on them. It takes the right timing.

Our apricots began to turn yellow, but were not ready to pick. Peaches and apricots that are not allowed to ripen on the vine, have little or no flavor. The first time I tasted apricots from our tree, I was amazed at how delicious they were. There is no comparison with the green ones we picked too early. The same is true of tomatoes. The ones we grow in our garden that ripen on the vines are full of flavor not found in those purchased at the store.

So, how do we know what is perfect timing? Farmers who produce fruit and vegetables for a living, study and learn from their years of experience. It takes knowledge and understanding.

In our spiritual lives, the way we know God's perfect timing is to listen to His Spirit. He knows the timing of all things. He is creator. He is all-knowing and knows all the details of every person and every situation of life. His plans are written down for each of our lives even before we were born (Psalm 139:16).

He is faithful to urge me forward or restrain me with His inner voice in my spirit. When I try to analyze situations with my mind, I easily get out of sync with God. My human reasoning does not know the perfect timing, but His Spirit does. My mind is often impatient and does not want to wait. Waiting takes patience, disciplne and trust. Rushing ahead comes from my emotions, fears or impulses fed by anxiety. Lagging behind comes from my fears and doubts. God's timing is intertwined with His peace. He leads me with His peace, not with stress, fear or anxiety. At times I simply want something to be over, or I want to "get on with life." When I resist those impulses and wait for His timing, there is wonderful peace and order.

I pray that you, too, will hear His voice and know His amazing timing for your life. He is faithful and leads us when we stop and ask.

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  1. OMG Suzanne, I was just thinking of that scripture this morning --- which led to thoughts on seeking God's perfect timing for some things that "I think" I need to do. Thanks for posting this!!! Love you!!!